Factors that Augment Web Design

It’s a lucrative career today if you have a flair for design and a head for business, but there are aspects to graphic design that extend beyond the visual look and feel of a website. Your clients come to you because you’re a professional web designer and they know that you can translate their ideas and needs into a simple, yet elegant design that serves their purpose. But no matter how great your design is, there are other aspects to web pages that could end up ruining the overall effect and appeal. So before you take on a project, you must ensure that:

  • You know all there is know about the project: The design of the site is just one part of the project. Besides the template and the layout for the pages, there is the content of the pages to consider as well. So there’s no use coming up with a fantastic design only to have the copy on the pages ruin the overall appeal because it is sloppy and riddled with spelling and grammatical mistakes. The graphic aspect is the visual appeal that draws users to your site, but unless your pages deal entirely with art and other similar visual entities, it is the text that keeps them coming back. When the text is not written well, visitors are going to be put off by the site; and no matter how good your design is, they don’t really appreciate it.
  • You’re allowed to coordinate its implementation: The only way to get around this is to take on the entire project yourself and coordinate it from start to finish. If you’re not good at writing copy, hire a professional writer to work with you. It makes good business sense because clients don’t have to spend more time and effort looking for a professional writer when they can get a package deal with you. When you coordinate your efforts, it’s easier to make the pages look and feel the way you want them to. If you provide your clients with the design only and ask them to insert the text later, the entire appeal of the design is lost if the writer does a haphazard job.

When you know what the client wants and are able to implement it yourself, it makes your job that much easier. Also, you add to your portfolio and marketability when you can offer clients the entire package instead of just the design aspect alone.

Managing Your Own Server? Think Again!

Your website(s) is going great guns, your traffic keeps surging higher and higher, and business is booming better than before. So it’s only natural that you’re considering taking the next step in owning space on the web – managing your own server. You can see it now – your own dedicated space that you don’t have to share with anyone else, no downtime because you’re going to be responsible for keeping the server up and running, and the ability to expand your operations as much as you want because bandwidth is not a concern with your own server. You’re tech savvy, you have access to and the money for the hardware and the software, and you’re ready to go ahead and start managing your server.

Before you take that final plunge, I would advise you to think again; sure, it’s a heady feeling when you own your server and have complete control over it. But there are other aspects besides technical skills, storage space and bandwidth when you’re considering managing your own server. In general, if you can answer yes to all the below questions, then you can go ahead and take over the management of your server; if you say no to even one of them, then you have to think again before committing yourself to the task:

  • Are you prepared to accept the responsibility it entails? (It is a 24/7 job because you don’t shut down your sites at any time of the day or night and issues need to be sorted out immediately or you end up losing valuable traffic)
  • Do you like troubleshooting and have the knack for it?
  • Do you have the time to manage and maintain your server?
  • Can you ensure the safety and security of the data on your server?
  • Are you skilled enough to thwart cyber attacks and recover immediately from them if they do happen to you?
  • Are you organized and meticulous enough to take care of routine maintenance tasks?
  • Do you have the financial means to fund your own server? (The hardware, software, OS and the Internet connection require a substantial investment)

If you do have the resources to invest in your own server, I would suggest trying out a dedicated server – you own the hardware and retain complete administrative control over it, but a professional colocation center looks after the day-to-day aspects and other maintenance issues for you. You’re not relinquishing control to the them – you do get to decide the software and OS you run while they take care of any glitches or problems that must be resolved asap to get your site up and running, and are also responsible for regular maintenance aspects that prevent sudden crashes and unexpected downtime that could prove to be both costly and disruptive.

So if you really want your own server, invest in a dedicated option – you not only gain the satisfaction that your server is completely your own, you also gain freedom from the day-to-day hassles of running and maintaining a server.

Top 50 Nail Polish Blogs and Blog Posts

With the Internet as their tool, beauty aficionados have created a vast online community for chatting about cult items, what products are worth the high prices and what you can pass up. Nail polish is among the top items that online beauty addicts collect, carefully stocking their collections with the It colors of the season and keeping a healthy arsenal of basic hues too. Here you’ll find the best of nail polish blogs and nail polish blog posts to help you perfect the manicure in your very own home.

General Nail Polish Blogs

Get the scoop on new releases, limited edition colors and what retailers are stocking the latest and greatest nail polish shades that your collection needs ASAP.

    1. The Nailphile This nail polish blog teaches you all about polishes that are 3-free and has an extensive section on Konad nail art.

    2. Prim and Polished This blog keeps you updated with new collections and releases, plus tips on how to track down the most sought-after colors of the season.

    3. Polish Addict While this nail polish blog no longer publishes, it does have a mind boggling number of swatches for you to peruse potential polish shades for hours.

    4. Vampy Varnish This blogger reviews and chats about makeup, but her specialty is nail polish. Expect tidbits on new launches at this site.

    5. Scrangie At this site you’ll see swatches in many different types of lighting to get the true feel of the hottest nail polishes to hit the market.

    6. Lacquerized This nail polish blogger gives an in-depth post over each and every color she swatches and features on the site.

    7. All Lacquered Up We love this nail polish blogger because she doesn’t give every polish an ace review, which means you save money when choosing from high end polishes that aren’t worth the money due to the formula.

    8. Temptalia This beauty blogger is about makeup most of the time, but she has a healthy section of reviews over nail polishes on both ends of the price spectrum.

    9. Charming Nails Use Google Translator to help you read this beauty blog. The blogger has a penchant for creating amazing nail art and will inspire you to do the same.

    10. Dr. Frankenpolish This is a brilliant site where the nail polish blogger mixes multiple nail polishes to create her own unique hue. It’s for those who love to experiment and want custom color.

    11. Trendy Nail Get nail art tutorials, from simple starter jobs to more complex and elaborate designs.

    12. Steph’s Closet We’re mad about this beauty site because the blogger features a myriad of affordable polishes versus those that cost over $20 a bottle!

    13. Polish or Perish This nail polish blogger features the occasional frakenpolish and also reviews new collections and colors in depth, so you’ll never end up with two similar hues in your collection.

    14. Nail Art World Prepare to be stunned with the creative designs this nail blogger and nail art lover is concocting on her nails.

    15. A Polish Problem This blogger showcases nail art and mixed colors that will wow you. It’s a fun blog because it isn’t written with such a formal tone that you forget she’s talking about nail polish (which is the case with many beauty blogs out there).

Nail Polish Blog Posts on Manicures and Pedicures

Knowing how to do your own manicure and pedicure at home will save you loads of cash and time spent waiting at a nail salon. Learn how to make your nails and feet picture perfect with the help of these blog posts and articles.

    16. Slice – Be a Manicure Master Learn how to master the art of the manicure at home. There’s a list of things needed to achieve the perfect manicure, but remember you’ll be using the items multiple times, making them well worth the investment.

    17. Beauty Tips Online – Manicure Learn the expert way to buff and file your nails beautiful.

    18. Best in Cosmetics – Manicures This blog post gives you the tricks of the trade for proper nail care.

    19. A New Mode – Expert Tips for the Perfect Home Manicure Learn what tools you need to conduct a stellar manicure right in your own home.

    20. Nails Guide This site has tips on creating a simple manicure or going regal with a polished French manicure.

    21. eHow – How to Give Yourself a French Manicure For those who want to learn the ins-and-outs of creating a perfect French manicure, this article walks you through the technique, step by step.

    22. Lipstick Powder ‘N Paint – The Perfect Summer Pedicure at Home Learn how to get your tootsies fit to be seen during the spring and summer months.

    23. Women’s Health Mag – Fix Ugly Feet at Home A pedicure isn’t just about your toenails. You want to get your feet in working condition too before revealing them during warm weather.

    24. eHow – The Best Home Pedicure Recipes Use all-natural ingredients found in your kitchen to create a relaxing pedicure experience at home.

    25. How to French Manicure Toes This article shows you how to make a French manicure on your toes an effortless affair that will live up to getting it done in a salon.

    26. Beauty Tips Online – Home Pedicure Tips This article gives you the basics of conducting a pedicure at home without too many bells and whistles.

    27. eHow – Home Pedicure Tips You have all of your supplies, now what the heck do you do with them? Learn how to make your pedicure pop with these easy-to-follow tips.

    28. Daily Makeover – 3 Ways to Get Super Soft Feet at Home The most impeccable pedicure is nothing if it’s on dry, crusty feet. Learn how to get soft feet at home with this blog post.

    29. Woman’s Magazine – How to Get Soft Legs and Feet Naturally Raid your kitchen for these all-natural items that will give you silky feet for the most pristine pedicure you’ve ever had.

Blog Posts on Nail Polish Specialties

If you want to learn about getting your nails Minx-ed, slathered in Shellac or how to get it all off, these are the blog posts and articles for you.

    30. All Lacquered Up – Bling Your Nails Like Beyonce with Minx Learn about the ultra shiny nail technique that is taking the beauty world by storm.

    31. Inspirationail – Minx Nails Here’s an online guide to finding a nail salon that does Minx near you, if you’re in the United States or Canada.

    32. StyleIt – The Truth About Minx Nails For all of their hype (and cost), Minx nails aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Learn what one beauty blogger thinks after having her nails Minx-ed.

    33. Beauty Snob – Minx Nails This beauty blogger talks about how difficult it is to remove Minx nails after they’ve started to peel off.

    34. All Lacquered Up – Where to Find Shellac This nail polish blog points you in the right direction for finding Shellac products or a salon that offers the service in your area.

    35. Nails Magazine – Say Hello to Shellac Find out why busy women everywhere are getting hooked on Shellac and gel nail polishes. In some cases, they last three times as long as the standard manicure.

    36. A Great Chef – Macaroni and Cheese Recipe .

    37. Baked Meatballs Stuffed with Roasted Garlic and Cheese .

    38. Lisa Eldridge – Shellac Nail Polish: The Verdict Makeup artists Lisa Eldridge gives her opinion of Shellac nail polishes with pictures to show off her manicure, 13 days after she had it done.

    39. PurseForum – CND Shellac 2 Week Manicure Shellac can be performed at home, if you have the right tools, including a certain UV lamp and the entire Shellac system (which consists of a base coat, polish color and top coat). Let the brave women of this thread show you how to get the flawless look at home.

Blog Posts on Nail Art

Half-moons, stripes and leopard print on the nails aren’t easy to pull off without some instruction. Here are blog posts that walk you through nail art techniques to perfect your craft.

    40. Fashion Magazine – The Glittery Moon Manicure Get the scoop on this trendy nail art look that’s featured in runway shows in New York and Paris.

    41. Nails Mag – Demos & How-To’s Take a look at some of the hottest nail designs as worn by celebrities and beauty bloggers.

    42. Toe Nail Designs If you think nail art is reserved for the finger nails, think again. Look at the amazing artwork being displayed on the toes.

    43. Kooky Nails – Step-by-Step for Nail Art Learn the essential tools you need to create a flawless design with ease.

    44. Create Magical Nails – Toe Nail Designs Here you’ll find tutorials for nail art designs ranging from super simple to downright ornate.

    45. Nails Guide – Apply Various Nail Art Designs and Look Trendy If you’re too shaky to draw designs on your nails freestyle, look to this article for tips on apply stencils and pre-made designs to liven up a basic manicure.

    46. The Nail Directory – Hand Painted Flower Nail Art If you’re experienced with nail art, try this complicated flower design that adds a whimsical look to your hands or feet when layered over a bright nail polish.

    47. Joy Escape – Nail Art for Beginners Learn what techniques a beginner should try before moving on to more complex designs and the tools you need to make it all work seamlessly.

    48. eHow – Making Marble Designs Nail Art Marbled nails are taking off. Learn how to perfect the technique (which is actually quite simple) with this how-to video.

    49. eHow – Easy Nail Art Designs Get tips on how to make your nail design last and how to perfect shapes and proportions by using the right tools.

    50. Nail Art Designs Get major inspiration for your own nail art designs from this site which features how-to tutorials, suggestions on polishes to use and how to embellish an already vibrant design with jewels or glitter.

Nail polish has become the choice weapon for expressing yourself through beauty. Wild colors can be swiped off with a one-time use felt swab soaked in nail polish remover before heading to the office on Monday morning and sparkling glitter polishes allow wallflowers to shine. Any technique you’re looking for, there’s a blog post or article to guide you and as with many things in life, practice makes perfect. Don’t be deterred by a polish job gone bad…you’ll get there, eventually.

Closet Help – 60 Tips and Ideas for Organizing and Creating Your Dream Closet

A closet can be a haven or hell for you clothes, shoes and other accessories. While we can’t all plunk down a few grand to have the closet of Mariah Carey, we can make an effort to organize our own items and inject a little glamorous decor that will make dressing a heck of a lot more fun. Remember to keep your lifestyle in mind when organizing your closet. There’s no set right or wrong way on how to organize your items, so do it in a way that’s functional for you.

How to Clean Out Your Closet

It’s a jungle in there, but everyone has to start somewhere. Get ready to get down and dirty when it comes to clearing out your closet and making it the dream you’ve always hoped for. It also starts with the organizing.

    1. Get it all out. If you really want a dream closet, it starts with cleaning and that’s done best when you drag everything out and decide what can go back in.

    2. Edit like crazy. Having more space is luxurious, whether you’re dealing with a massive walk-in or a small apartment closet in a pre-war building (these closets are tiny!). Edit what stays and what goes and then edit again.

    3. Ditch what doesn’t fit. If you’re hoping and praying for the day you’ll fit into those sale Gaultier leather trousers, you know you’re holding on to things that just don’t work. If you haven’t worn it in 6 months to a year, part with it.

    4. Donate wearable clothing and shoes . If a garment is in wearable condition, but it doesn’t fit you, you don’t care for it or whatever the reason may be, donate it to charity. There are several that will even come buy and pick up the items if you can’t make time to drop off your stuff.

    5. Think about tailoring. If there are items you aren’t wearing because they don’t fit properly in all places (i.e. a sheath dress fits, but it’s way too long), create a pile of clothes that need to go to the tailor. It will be less costly than trying to replace the items and you’re more likely to wear pieces that fit well.

    6. Pawn wearable clothes off on friends or family members. If you’re clothing is in good condition, ask friends or family members if they want it. Most people love the offer and don’t consider it charity in any way, shape or form if they like the item and it fits them.

    7. Invest in ultra-thin, velvet-covered hangers. This is a must if you are working with a small amount of closet space, but even if you have a big area to work with, who doesn’t want to fit more clothes onto the racks? These hangers can be purchased on TV shopping channels, discount stores like TJ Maxx and Sam’s and department stores.

    8. Create piles when pulling items out. Create five piles: one to keep, one to throw out, one for friends and family, one for donating and one for tailoring. Employ the help of a bottle of wine or a good friend (or both) to help you with this process.

    9. Hang on to keepsake items. While most experts will tell you to ditch anything you haven’t worn this week, we say keeping items you’re attached to is fine, as long as you have a place to put them. This is easier for some, but if you only have small closets, it causes you to be ruthless with your actual clothing and only keep what works for every day.

    10. Make time to clean out the closet. Depending on the damage you’re dealing with, it could take a few hours to pull everything out, access your items and get it put together to back in. Make sure you have the time to devote and aren’t in a cranky mood that will result in a half-effort job.

    11. Look at each item with a critical eye. This is why it’s good to have the help of a friend. It’s likely they’ll be honest and give you the nay or yay when it comes to keeping an item. Look at each item carefully to ensure it’s worth staying in your wardrobe.

    12. Know what worn out looks like. If an item has a hole, excessive piling, a defunct zipper, it’s a item that qualifies going in the trash. Some repairs are easy, others are costly, so be ready to make the call and get rid of items who’ve served you well.

    13. Is it flattering? Maybe you scored the item for cheap, loved the trend at the moment or just needed a quick something to wear to a last-minute party. If the garment doesn’t flatter you, get rid of it. It isn’t doing anything in your closet but taking up space if you never wear it.

    14. Once the piles are completed, bag it up. Don’t go through the sorted piles again. This may cause you to backtrack on decisions and drive you to keep this sweater and that cardigan after you’ve made decent headway.

    15. Give the closet a wipe down and sweep before putting things back in. The closet’s already empty, so why not take this opportunity to give it a quick dust and vacuum or sweep the floor to get rid of any icky stuff and start with a clean slate.

Tips for Organizing Closet

Organizing your closet can be more difficult than it sounds, primarily if you’re working with limited space. Take these tips into account, but remember that each space is unique so .

    16. Don’t store things in your closet you don’t regularly wear. This means tuxedos, ball gowns, your high school letterman jacket and anything else you don’t regularly wear goes in storage under the bed or in a hall closet.

    17. Organize garments by type. This means all pants together, all shirts, all dresses and so forth.

    18. Sub-categorize your clothes. This means after arranging them by type, go further by sub-categorizing clothes. For example once you have all of your shirts, divide them by tank tops, T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and so on. This makes it easy to navigate your closet when you’re in a rush.

    19. Start with the shortest items and go long. This allows you to see everything at (almost) a glance.

    20. For limited space, get tiered hangers. These hangers allow you to utilize space vertically instead of putting clothes next to each other.

    21. Store coats, only if you have the space. If your coats are taking up too much closet space, consider getting hooks on the outside of the closet door.

    22. Utilize hooks in any way you can. Hooks on the inside or outside of the closet door or near the door can give you extra space and move bulky items or purses out of your closet.

    23. Put scarves on a single hanger. Organize you scarves and hang them like you would a pair of pants on a hanger. This slims down the amount of space they take up and keeps them in good shape for immediate wear.

    24. Get a system for your shoes. A shoe rack or pockets that hang on the inside of the door or organize the shoes neatly on the floor of the closet if you have space.

    25. Use tiered hangers for other purposes. Ties, purses and scarves can be hung on a tiered hanger to conserve space.

    26. Use boxes if you have the space. Boxes are a great way to store things if you have the space for the boxes. If boxes are too clunky, re-evaluate your system and figure out what works while keeping things organized.

    27. You don’t have to hang everything, Make use of shelves and drawers by storing sweaters and T-shirts there. You don’t have to hang every single garment you own.

    28. Store away clothes that aren’t being used. In the winter, put away summer clothes if you don’t have the closet space for them and do the same in the opposite months.

    29. Utilize vertical space. You can easily add a rack to the bottom of your closet to store pants and short skirts or add a shelf (or shelves) above the top rack to make space for storage.

    30. Group clothes by color. Once it’s all said and done, if you get that fluttering feeling from seeing a color-categorized closet, by all means go ahead. Just make sure it’s functional for getting dressed in the morning.

How to Add Glamour to Your Closet

Once your closet is clean and organized, it’s time to add some glamour. Check out these ways to add personal flair to your storage space.

    31. Paint the interior a bright color. If you can paint the interior of your closet, go for a bold color that will light up the space.

    32. Install lighting. A small or large closet can benefit greatly from lighting. If you have a small space, install overhead lights and in a large space, install lights above or on the sides of the walls.

    33. Consider wallpaper. Printed wallpaper is brilliant for a walk-in or larger closet. Vertical stripes and bold graphic patterns add personality and provide a great backdrop for your clothes.

    34. Glam up your doorknob. An antique-inspired or faceted doorknob adds a brilliant touch.

    35. Dress up your shelves. If your closet has plenty of shelf space, dress up your shelves with frames photographs, fashion or style books or a vase with faux flowers .

    36. Add a mirror.A mirror makes it easy for you to add a scarf or tie and double check it’s the look you want. A vintage-inspired mirror looks great in a female’s closet and an angular, modern mirror works for men.

    37. Add art. If wallpaper isn’t your style, but you have extra space on the walls of the closet, add a few framed images that inspire your style. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just plain frames with photos of images that mean something to you will work

    38. Add extra storage. If there’s open area, add a tower of drawers or even an island. You can stack sweaters, jeans or items that aren’t in season in these spaces.

    39. Put jewelry on display. Make your jewelry part of the “art” in your closet by placing it in colorful bowls on shelves or on hooks.

    40. Change your doors. Fabulous doors can make your closet a space you love keeping organized and clean. Go for doors that mix well with the rest of the room.

    41. Put a few outward facing hooks. If you have open wall space, add a few hooks and hang some of your favorite pieces on them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gilded cocktail frock you’ve worn once, if it makes you happy, put it in a spot where you can always see it.

    42. Paint your closet doors. If swapping out doors isn’t an option, add some pizzaz by painting the closet doors a bold shade.

    43. Put your fancy shoes on display. If you have space, add lack shelves and put your fancy shoes on them to make them a showpiece while storing them.

    44. Organized stacked clothing based on color. Folded clothing that gets stacked looks cheerful when it’s organized by color. Unlike your hanging clothes, these clothes are already less accessible, so organizing items like this doesn’t cut into your function.

    45. Add a chandelier. A walk-in closet or closet room comes to life with a chandelier. If you’re thinking of the cheesy faux crystal type, know they come in lacquered versions in everything from glossy black to bright blue and red.

More Organization Tips for Storing Clothing

We know it isn’t all about hanging clothes in your closet, so here are tips to help you fold your sweaters, utilize your dresser drawers wisely and keep your shoes in line.

    46. Fold items so they’re the same size. They key to having your folded items look pristine and hip versus a giant mess? Fold them so everything is a uniform size.

    47. Keep cashmere sweaters in plastic bags. If you’re going to invest in pricey cashmere sweaters, take good care of them. Store them in plastic bags to prevent them from getting holes from moths.

    48. Fold and stack pants you aren’t wearing. Pants can be folded longways and stored in dresser drawers or folded into a perfect square and stacked on a shelf.

    49. Add shelving outside of the closet. If you’re stuck with a small closet, but have space outside of the closet to install a shelving system, do this to keep yourself organized. It doesn’t have to be boring. Items organized by color add spice to shelves, as do a few knick-knacks like a small vase or vintage bowl.

    50. Use open-top boxes. If you aren’t the type to keep your items neatly folded on your shelves, use open-top boxes to store your items.

    51. Use hat boxes. Brightly colored or print hat boxes can give you storage space and are pleasing to the eye. They can go outside of the closet, near a bedside table or under a desk, but they can also go on shelves or the floor of the closet.

    52. Place items at eye level. If you install racks or shelves in your closet, try to keep them at eye level. This gives you a clear look at what you have when you peek in your closet.

    53. Have flat, large boxes for seasonal shoes. Plastic boxes that are flat and large and meant to store under the bed are perfect for storing seasonal shoes. This gets them out of the way and in good shape until you need them the following season.

    54. Get compartments for drawers. If you have a large drawer that can be split, use a drawer divider to help you keep socks away from undies.

    55. Use drawers for accessories.If your clothes comfortably fit in your closet and drawers and you have a drawer or two leftover, store accessories in them. Compartments can organize sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets and whatever else you decorate yourself with.

    56. Fold sweaters to keep them in good shape. Hanging sweaters will cause them to lose their shape over time. Use a clipboard to fold the perfect sweater (or T-shirt or button-up). Lay the sweater on your bed, with the neck facing you. Place the clipboard in the center of the sweater. Fold each arm inward, bring the hem of the sweater towards you and finally fold the top of the sweater back for a perfect shape every time.

    57. Roll clothing. Just as rolling maximizes your clothing when packing into a suitcase, do the same with clothing in your drawers or boxes.

    58. Lay bras in drawers. The best way to store bras is the way they’re often displayed at stores, in drawers. Stack bras so the cups sit inside one another and then lay in the drawer so the cups face up.

    59. Store shoes in boxes if it works for you. Sometime in the past few years, it’s become normal to store shoes in boxes. In reality, it takes up a lot of space and doesn’t make shoes accessible. If you must store shoes in boxes, choose clear boxes with a drawer-style opening so your shoes are ready to be worn and can be easily spotted as opposed to hibernating in dark boxes.

    60. Store purses upright. Putting handbags away in their dustbags is one way to go, but it can also hide away your purses. Instead leave them upright on a shelf, giving them a wipe down with a dustcloth every month or so.

Creating a dream closet isn’t impossible, but it does take planning and a little elbow grease. Once everything is in it’s place, don’t lose your cool if things get out of wack once in awhile. Doing a quick cleanup and scan once a month will keep your closet looking dreamy, whether you’re working with an luxe walk-in or revved up small space.